Aug 12

Welcome to the all-new!

The website is going to look a little different as I’m in the process of switching all the files to WordPress blogging software. Since I started the site in 1996, I’ve always done the coding of the site by hand (via HTML), but it’s time for a switch.

Having it on the new software will make it easier to manage and update. Bear with me as I get everything transferred over.

And yes, the message board will be back up soon.

Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Mr. Engler,
    I just wanted to say that I appreciate what our doing with this website and evening having it up here. Thank You so much for all your time and effort in providing a product that I truly enjoy coming to read and look at.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the Forums back up and running again. I understand that it takes time to get it just the way that we all would like for it to be.

    Thanks Again,

  2. Wow…. I guess I didn’t do to well in English class growing up. Sorry for all my typing mistakes on my comments and for not proofing before I hit the post comment button.
    I hope you all can figure out what I meant to say with my comments about.
    Sorry about that.

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