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Whicker announces plans for fourth book in series

Whicker stands in front of the LST-325, the WWII-era vessel that he saves from Erika Lehmann in his new novel

Whicker stands in front of the LST-325, the WWII-era vessel that he saves from Erika Lehmann in his new novel

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Local author Mike Whicker has announced plans for another book in his exciting series that focuses on Nazi-turned heroine Erika Lehmann.

“So this is definitely the last of the Erika Lehmann spy books,” Whicker stated in a November 9, 2012 interview where he talked to the Evansville Courier & Press about the third installment in his trilogy. “Will I write another book? I have no clue. I am not planning anything right now.”

As it turns out, Whicker’s plans have quickly changed.

“One of the things that bothered me, especially with the first book, is that I used a lot of my friends as characters, but I never really featured myself, especially as a lead character,” explained Whicker. “I always wondered, ‘what if I came face to face with Erika?’ With the fourth book, I’m going to tell that story.”

The new book is set in 2000, over 50 years removed from the first novel. Whicker and a group of retired military men have set sail to Greece in order to bring the LST-325 back to Evansville, but, while on the way, they get word that Erika Lehmann is back to her old ways and has kidnapped the World War II-era vessel.


Author Mike Whicker poses with Traci Brooks after refereeing her match in 2005

“You’d think that Erika, now in her early 80s, wouldn’t give us too much trouble, but she’s smart and we are all pretty old, too.”

The group, led by Whicker, must track down the LST-325, stop Erika, and bring it back to Evansville. Even former TNA Knockout Traci Brooks makes an appearance as Erika’s granddaughter.

While Whicker is known for his thorough research when preparing to write each book, this one’s even more intense because he lived the trip on the LST from Greece back to Evansville.

“It’s so exciting because I’m the lead character,” Whicker pointed out.

The book, which will be over 1,000 pages long, will be available sometime later this year.

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