Dec 02

Reitz vs Mater Dei Rivalry crowned Best in State!

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Congratulations Reitz and Mater Dei for being  crowned state champions for the 2013 Best Football Rivalry competition.  The regional round will open  today at noon ET Monday, Dec. 2, and close Dec. 10.  Please take the time to vote and send this to ALL fans of Indiana High School Athletics!


USA TODAY High School Sports selected five high school football rivalries in each state and Washington, D.C. after more than a month of conversations with local media and other state/school officials with high school football expertise. From there, the fans will decide which rivalry emerges from a list of 255 – more than 100 more rivalries overall than a year ago.
This year’s best rivalry competition will end Dec. 18 after three rounds of voting. The 51 state winners – each state plus D.C. – advance to one of eight regionals. The winners of the eight regions, along with two wild cards, move onto a final round of 10.
The winner receives $5,000 to be split evenly between the two schools, with other cash prizes going to all of the national finalists.

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