Aug 08

Top 10 Most Offensive Teams in Reitz Football History! #10 is 1948

Editor’s note: 2014 & 2015 knocked 1948 down to No. 12 on the all-time list

The season is fast approaching, and in order to whet your appetite, has compiled a list called “The Top 10 Most Offensive Teams in Reitz Football History!” We don’t mean offensive in the ‘talking-with-your-mouth-full’ kind of way, we mean which teams in the history of Reitz Football scored the most points?

Now, because of the big variance in the number of games played by teams in different eras (teams played 9-10 games back in the day but can play up to 15 now if they go all the way through the playoffs), we have measured each season’s offense by averaging the points scored per game.

The #10 Most Offensive Team in Reitz Football History is…1948!

The Panthers of ’48 scored 353 points in 10 games, only allowing 52. Lead by Hall of Fame coach Herman Byers, they won state championship honors (picked by the AP, UP & Litkenhous Ratings), helped by a huge 32-6 win over East Chicago Roosevelt (the Rough Riders’ hadn’t lost in four years…see Coach Whicker’s Legendary Game Series entry on this game).

They won city and SIAC titles, holding their last three opponents scoreless. Four players were named to All-State, as well (Malcolm Cook, Pete Fisher, Don Folz & Bob Hertzberger).

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