Oct 15

Dixon, Higgins, Robison voted Week 8 Reis Tire Players of the Game

reis-potgThe Reitz Nation has spoken! Following the Panthers’ 51-0 win over Bosse, the readers of ReitzFootball.com voted and we have a tie for Offensive Player of the Game! Each with 67 votes, AJ Dixon and Malik Higgins are co-Offensive Players of the Game, while Ethan Robison is the Defensive Player of the Game.

This was the fourth time the Reitz Nation selected Higgins as Player of the Game. Robison has held it twice and it is the first time Dixon was picked.

Offensive Player of the Game voting results
67 – AJ Dixon
67 – Malik Higgins
21 – Nate Hansen
5 – Evan Deig

Defensive Player of the Game voting results
57 – Ethan Robison
42 – Aaron Euler
28 – Will Brown
17 – Joey Diekmann
1 – Caleb Crowe
1 – Trevor Fetscher

Congratulations to these fine young men and the entire Reitz Football team!

2014 Offensive Players of the Game
Week 1: Malik Higgins
Week 2: Evan Deig
Week 3: Malik Higgins
Week 4: Evan Deig
Week 5: Malik Higgins
Week 6: Nate Hansen
Week 7: Jackson Barnes
Week 8: AJ Dixon & Malik Higgins

2014 Defensive Players of the Game
Week 1: Trevor Fetscher
Week 2: Trevor Fetscher
Week 3: Aaron Euler
Week 4: Entire defense
Week 5: Aaron Euler
Week 6: Ethan Robison
Week 7: Trevor Fetscher
Week 8: Ethan Robison

Thank you to Reis Tire for their support of the our weekly Player of the Game fan vote!

ReitzFootball.com Players of the Game/Year Archive

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