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VOTE: Who deserves to be in the Reitz Football Hall of Fame Class of 2014?

hof-logoIt’s here! The Reitz Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee has met and narrowed the field to these outstanding nominees.

It could be argued that any are fit for inclusion into the exclusive Reitz Football Hall of Fame, but only a handful will receive the honor.

Your job, Reitz Nation, is to select the players from each era that are most deserving of inclusion. Nominees are separated into three eras (10-24 years ago, 25-49 years ago & 50+ years ago).

THOSE WHO PLAYED 10-24 YEARS AGO (1989-2004) – Vote for ONE

THOSE WHO PLAYED 25-49 YEARS AGO (1965-1988) – Vote for ONE

THOSE WHO PLAYED 50+ YEARS AGO (1919-1964) – Vote for THREE

The voting will be online for several weeks. For each era, the nominee who receives the most votes will be admitted into this year’s class. If there is overwhelming support for additional nominees, the Committee may also authorize their inclusion.

Once the polls close, the Committee will analyze the results and publish the names of those who will join their esteemed peers.

Rules & Eligibility

In order to be nominated for consideration:

  1. an individual must have played, coached, or have in some way positively contributed to Reitz High School Football; AND
  2. the nominee must exhibit demonstrated citizenship, carrying the ideals of Reitz Football forward into his relations with his community and his fellow man with love of his country.
  3. A player may not be considered for nomination until after 10 years have passed since he played for Reitz (formerly a 5-year wait). A coach may not be considered for nomination until after two years have passed since he coached at Reitz. A contributor may be considered for nomination at any time.
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