Nov 20

Clark, Cook voted Reis Tire Players of the Game

reis-potgThe Reitz Nation has spoken! Following the Panthers’ regional championship loss to Columbus East, the readers of have selected Tristen Clark and Zach Cook as the Offensive & Defensive Players of the Game!

Clark won with 47 votes (36%), while Cook earned 747 votes for 63%.

This was the first time either Panther won the weekly Player of the Game honor.

Offensive                         Defensive
47 - Tristen Clark                747 - Zach Cook
26 - AJ Dixon                     339 - Trevor Fetscher
22 - Drew Reuter                   35 - Aaron Euler
20 - Kerrion Ringo                 24 - Andrew Shaw
17 - Evan Deig                     22 - Will Brown
                                    6 - Isaac Flowers
                                    6 - Triston Hape
                                    5 - Ethan Robison
                                    3 - Elijah Dunham
                                    2 - Brock Ashworth

Congratulations to these fine young men and the entire Reitz Football team!

2014 Offensive Players of the Game
Week 1: Malik Higgins
Week 2: Evan Deig
Week 3: Malik Higgins
Week 4: Evan Deig
Week 5: Malik Higgins
Week 6: Nate Hansen
Week 7: Jackson Barnes
Week 8: AJ Dixon & Malik Higgins
Week 9: Malik Higgins
Sectional First Round: Evan Deig
Sectional Second Round: Malik Higgins
Sectional Championship: Drew Reuter
Regional Championship: Tristen Clark

2014 Defensive Players of the Game
Week 1: Trevor Fetscher
Week 2: Trevor Fetscher
Week 3: Aaron Euler
Week 4: Entire defense
Week 5: Aaron Euler
Week 6: Ethan Robison
Week 7: Trevor Fetscher
Week 8: Ethan Robison
Week 9: Brock Ashworth
Sectional First Round: Caleb Crowe
Sectional Second Round: Trevor Fetscher
Sectional Championship: Andrew Shaw
Regional Championship: Zach Cook

Thank you to Reis Tire for their support of the our weekly Player of the Game fan vote! Players of the Game/Year Archive

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