Sep 08

Dash voted Week 3 Player of the Game

For the first time this fall, a defensive player has been selected by the Reitz Nation as the Player of the Game. Kornell Dash, by virtue of his nine tackles, two sacks and one interception in the Panthers’ 35-30 win over Castle, was voted the Week 3 Player of the Game.

Out of 97 votes, Dash received almost 50% with 48 votes. Week 1 winner, Evan Deig, was second with 31% and Week 2 winner, Will Brown, received 18% of the vote.

Week 2 voting results (97 votes)
48 – Kornell Dash
30 – Evan Deig
17 – Will Brown
2 – Kerrion Ringo

This is Dash’s first time winning the award.

Thanks to for sponsoring the Player of the Game poll this year.

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