Nov 27

This Day in #ReitzFootball History (Nov. 27)


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On November 27:

  • Overall: 3-1 (4 games)
  • The Panthers have never played at Reitz Bowl on this date
  • At Boonville (1919): 1-0
  • At Bosse Field (1942): 1-0
  • At Enlow Field (1924, 1930): 1-1
  • On Thursday (1919, 1924, 1930): 2-1
  • On Friday (1942): 1-0
  • Reitz has never played a Saturday game on this date

Note: every game Thursday game played on Nov. 27 has been on Thanksgiving

1919: Reitz 26, Boonville 2nds 0

The Francis Joseph Reitz team returned from Boonville last night with a 26 to 0 game to their credit against the Boonville high second team. They appeared in the curtain raiser for the Boonville Petersburg game which was by Boonville 10 to 6.

In only the third quarter did the locals fail to cross the Boonville line. Terrell, who made a forty-yard run in the second quarter, pulled the spectacular bit of the game. Reed made the first touchdown. Wood and Hooker crossed the line in the fourth quarter. Hooker kicked two goals in four chances.

The F.J.R. team lined up as follows: Sutton, le; Opperman lt; Dale, lg; Dillard, c; Fisher, rg; Lindle, rt; Lynch, re; Hooker, qb; Wood, fb; Reed, lf; Terrell, rh.

The field was heavy and big pools of water stood in many places. On most of the downs the water was splashed high as the the men hit the field.”

– Evansville Courier, Nov. 28, 1919

1924: Bosse 22, Reitz 13 (Tiny Ten Conference game)

“Bosse high school’s year-old football squad stepped out of its swaddling clothes yesterday, put on man-sized togs and trimmed the full grown Reitz Hi Slykerites in the Turkdy Day game just as easily as did the Brown and Gold walk with the Kirklin outfit [Central won their game that day, 40-0].”

Schaefer and Thayer scored for the Panthers.

– Evansville Journal, Nov. 28, 1924

1930: Reitz 21, Bosse 7 (Tiny Ten Conference game)

Reitz high school’s powerful Panthers captured their second Tiny Ten Conference championship in four years when they smashed their way to a 21 to 7 victory over a scrappy Bosse Bulldog in Enlow Stadium Thursday.

A crowd of 4500 braved the chilly weather to watch Elmo Weber‘s sturdy lads score their second victory over Bosse in history and complete the best season Reitz has ever experienced.”

Lyon, Schoettlin and Charley Brunson scored for the Panthers.

– Evansville Press, Nov. 29, 1930

1942: Reitz 34, Bosse 6 (SIAC game)

“Reitz High School’s West Side Panthers wound up a very successful football season Friday afternoon by administering a stinging 34-to-6 defeat over Phil Bevarly’s hapless Bosse Bulldogs, the victory giving Reitz second place to the champion Memorial Tigers in city gridiron scrambling.”

Merville Ray, who would be voted all-state quarterback,  led the Panthers with 12 carries for 91 yards and a touchdown.

 – Evansville Press, Nov. 28, 1942

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