Nov 12

Important message to the Reitz Football team

This message is for the boys in BLUE:

Gentlemen, many of you may not know who I am. My name is Craig Prindle. I’m a graduate of Reitz, and your former announcer for 12 years.

My family and I moved to Florida this summer, but I’ve been following you all season because once a panther, always a panther.

This weekend you’ll be facing a foe that believes they can beat you.

A foe that think they are more talented than you.

A foe that believes they are just down right better than you.

However, you’ve got something that they don’t. You have that “R” on your chest. You play for Reitz. They are coming into YOUR house.  a house that was built by those before.  You MUST protect it! You have heart, dedication, commitment, unrelenting work ethic, drive, discipline, and the backing of not only the greatest fan base in the country but a nation behind you-The REITZ Nation.

There have been many Reitz teams before you that I’ve seen in the same situation, that have felt the same feeling that you feel, and have been underestimated the same way you have. And you know what? They dug deep, and they got the job done, and you will to. Because you have one more thing in common with those teams of the past- you’ve been preparing for a game like THIS,  your entire life.

You were raised to be a Reitz football player.

You were raised to overcome the odds and to silence those who doubt you.

You were raised to do the unthinkable, the impossible, to not give a damn how quick, fast, big, and talented the other team is.

Because as a Reitz football player you WILL find a way to win.

Because it’s in your blood, it’s in your heart, it’s in the way you were raised, and all of those components that have been growing inside of you lead up to this moment, and THAT gives you the advantage over them. THAT makes you better then THEM. THAT makes THEM scared of YOU. They all know to never underestimate a Panther. They all know you coming for them!

We all believe in you. We are all behind you. We all know you can win this football game. So get out there this weekend GET THE JOB DONE. protect our house! Bring home the trophy, and mark your place in Reitz football history, and go get em’ MIGHTYYYYYYYYYYY PANTHERS!!!!!!!!

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