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When were the most points, touchdowns, etc. in school history? #MakingTheCut presented by Bean’s Lawncare Plus

Jackson Ashby (#35) lead the team with two safeties in 2016. Photo courtesy Mike Harp

Welcome back to ReitzFootball.com’ new series called Making the Cut, presented by Bean’s Lawncare Plus. We take a look back at record-breaking achievements and outstanding performances made by the Mighty Panthers from throughout the school’s rich football history.

In this edition, we’re looking at scoring, particularly when there was the most of it.

Most points in a season: 597 in 2007
This team accrued 597 points on their way to winning a state championship. Paul McIntosh was the biggest contributor with 202 points.

Most touchdowns in a season: 85 in 2003
While 2007’s team had 82 touchdowns, 2003 had the most* with 85. Ricky Crider lead the team with 34 touchdowns.

Most field goals in a season: 8 in 1997, 1999 & 2009
There is actually a three-way tie between these three season. J.P. Claybourn had all eight in 1997, his brother Brian had eight in 1999 and in 2007, Jeff Hudson had seven and Josh Colbert had one.

Most extra point passes in a season: 4 in 2008
Jeff Hudson lead with half of those.

Most extra point runs in a season: 8 in 1971
Bob Nelson lead with three.

Most extra point kicks in a season: 67 in 2014
Drew Reuter had 56 and Josh Springer had 11.

Most safeties in a season: 3 in 2016
This past season, 2016, had the most safeties with three. Jackson Ashby had two while Cage Street had the other.

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* While we don’t have all the records yet, our goal is to eventually have this complete. We do have 1971 plus most of 1990 to present day (minus 2000, 2001 & 2012)

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