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Books of interest

There are several books that might be of interest to the Reitz Football community.

Joe Engler’s book

Joe Engler, the brother of yours truly, has written an awesome postcard history series that focuses on the City of Evansville.

Mike Whicker’s books

Mike Whicker, the former Reitz teacher and coach, has penned some amazing tales in the last few years, including an upcoming fourth installment in the Erika Lehmann WWII series.

Invitation to Valhalla

Blood of the Reich

Return to Valhalla

Proper Suda

Local Legends series

Local Legends: The Stories Behind the Headlines
When it comes to the history of sports in Southwestern Indiana, Ron Eaton wrote the book. Literally. In fact, he wrote two of them. The Reitz Football Tradition is so much a big part of local sports lore that Eaton included it as the very first thing in his book.

Covered in his first installment was:

  • Reitz Football: A Tradition of Excellence
  • The Byers Family: West Side Royalty
  • Don Hansen: Big Man in the Middle
  • The Perfect Panthers of 1961

Local Legends: Volume II
In Eaton’s follow-up, he included these Reitz football related topics:

  • Bob Stephenson: Grey & Blue Through & Through
  • The McIntosh Boys: All the Clichés and More
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