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Jul 19

Reitz Football Legendary Game Series: A Year of Tragedy & Triumph Under the Stars (Nov. 30, 1940) #TraditionTuesday

[The 1940 game against Memorial] would be long remembered as one of the toughest, hardest hitting games the locals had ever seen. The papers the next day would call it “a cruel affair.” Mike Whicker Legendary Game Series Reitz vs. Memorial: November 30, 1940 by Mike Whicker Tragedy was no stranger to the world in …

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Jul 05

Reitz Football Legendary Game Series: A Gift for the Heart (Oct. 7, 1933) #TraditionTuesday

Oct. 7, 1933 is a date that should be remembered by all Reitz faithful. For on that day, the Reitz Football Tradition was born. Mike Whicker Legendary Game Series Reitz vs. Memorial: October 7, 1933 by Mike Whicker Let us return a little back. In the fall of 1933, people were looking for changes. The …

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Jun 28

#TraditionTuesday The Legacy of Herman Byers

Of all the important elements that make up the Reitz Football Tradition, one individual deserves special recognition. Herman Byers. The Reitz Nation will always be indebted to Herman Byers. The legacy left by the Hall of Fame coach, who compiled a 189-51-15 record while on the Hill, produced an impact that will forever be remembered. …

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Jun 21

#TraditionTuesday The Reitz Bowl

The Reitz Bowl. For all those who have seen in at full capacity, its mere presence can create a polarizing response. A sense of pride, community, tradition and more is felt by those who love Reitz Football. But for those teams that must oppose the Mighty Panthers, the Bowl can create a sense of overwhelm …

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Jun 07

#TraditionTuesday 1961: The Year of Perfection

What is perfection? A quick Google search defines it as: per·fec·tion noun: the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects When it comes to football at any level, this is tough to achieve. But what makes the 1961 edition of the F.J. Reitz football team …

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May 24

#TraditionTuesday The Mater Dei Rivalry

Every year during the final game of the regular season, 12,000+ fans pack the Reitz Bowl to watch two rivals battle it out in an environment many college teams would be happy for. While Reitz has played Mater Dei every year since 1952, it wasn’t until 1970 that the first trophy game for the West …

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May 17

#TraditionTuesday What it means to wear the Silver Helmet

Perhaps one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Reitz uniform is the simplest. While the silver helmet worn by a Reitz Football player may not be flashy, donning it is a point of pride held dear by those who understand the Reitz Football Tradition. As stated in “5 Things Everyone Should Know About the …

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May 10

#TraditionTuesday Matt McIntosh 65-yard touchdown run against #MaterDei #2009

Check out Matt McIntosh’s spectacular 65-yard touchdown run against Mater Dei in the Panthers’ 59-0 win from the 2009 season. This game set the record for points scored against the Wildcats. McIntosh finished with nine carries for 125 yards for two touchdowns. Passing, he completed 7-of-9 for 130 yards and two touchdown passes. Want to …

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May 03

Where it all began… #TraditionTuesday

This week’s #TraditionTuesday puts a spotlight on where it all began. The very first football game ever played by Reitz High School was on Oct. 4, 1919. The team took on the Central High School second team, defeating the Bears, 6-0. The only score was logged by Ralph Woods (also spelled Wood and Weeds, depending on …

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Apr 26

Zach Harris’ senior project helped add to Reitz Football Tradition #TraditionTuesday is proud to present a new feature, called #TraditionTuesday. Every Tuesday, we’ll post a picture, video, link etc. that helps tell the story of the Reitz Football Tradition. This week’s #TraditionTuesday features Zach Harris. His senior project was to raise enough money to purchase a giant inflatable Panther tunnel that the team could run …

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