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What is PantherPlus?

PantherPlus is a brand new premium section of ReitzFootball.com created to preserve the history of Reitz Football!

PantherPlus members have access to: Monthly Yearly
Game films back to the 1940s* and other videos, neatly organized
Recaps & statistics for every Reitz Football game…ever*
Team & player statistics by game, season & career*
Historical team rosters*
Regularly scheduled features & articles
Nominate & vote for Player of the Game & Player of the Year
Special discounts on t-shirts at MyPantherTees.com
Over four months free!




* your support will help this long-term project become a reality!

Is ReitzFootball.com still free?

Yes! About 90% of what’s on the website will still be available for free, including the weekly previews, Player of the Week results, Panthers in the Polls, #RFgameday articles, etc. PantherPlus just gives us a way take things to the next level for those who want more in-depth content.

What videos are available?

There’s a massive archive of historical games that need to be converted going back to the 1940s, all the way to present day. Our long term goal is to have all these in the PantherPlus membership area. We’ve already got several full games on there, including the 2007 and 2009 state championship games, plus most of the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

We’ve also scoured the internet for existing videos and brought them together into an organized, easy-to-find collection.

So far, we have over 30 videos, such as the History of Reitz Bowl and the last play of the 2007 Reitz vs. Cathedral game, and we’re just getting started.

What does my membership pay for?

Your membership pays for the conversion of the game films that are on VHS, 8MM, DVD, etc. into a digital format that will be available online forever. It also helps with the extra costs of the membership area’s infrastructure and hosting.

ReitzFootball.com will also donate a portion of all proceeds to the Reitz Football team. This can go to cover expenses for assistant coaches (most of whom donate their time), pay for equipment or anything else the team might need.

Here are some additional goals we are setting, as well:

  • Hire a reporter to help provide live game coverage and write feature stories
  • Purchase a plaque or trophy for every Reitz Football Hall of Fame member and every Player of the Year
  • Research, design & create a book that will celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Reitz Football (coming in 2019!)

Will it be this price forever?

No. This is a special kickoff rate and the cost of membership will go up on Aug. 12. However, if you subscribe now, you’ll lock in the current rate for as long as you’re a member.

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