Oct 28

Vote for the Sectional First Round Players of the Game brought to you by Reis Tire

reis-potgHere are the Sectional First Round nominees for the Reis Tire Player of the Game.

Voting will be online until Wednesday afternoon!

2014 Offensive Players of the Game
Week 1: Malik Higgins
Week 2: Evan Deig
Week 3: Malik Higgins
Week 4: Evan Deig
Week 5: Malik Higgins
Week 6: Nate Hansen
Week 7: Jackson Barnes
Week 8: AJ Dixon & Malik Higgins (tie)
Week 9: Malik Higgins

2014 Defensive Players of the Game
Week 1: Trevor Fetscher
Week 2: Trevor Fetscher
Week 3: Aaron Euler
Week 4: Reitz Defense
Week 5: Aaron Euler
Week 6: Ethan Robison
Week 7: Trevor Fetscher
Week 8: Ethan Robison
Week 9: Brock Ashworth

Player of the Game Archive

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