Apr 26

Zach Harris’ senior project helped add to Reitz Football Tradition #TraditionTuesday

ReitzFootball.com is proud to present a new feature, called #TraditionTuesday. Every Tuesday, we’ll post a picture, video, link etc. that helps tell the story of the Reitz Football Tradition.

This week’s #TraditionTuesday features Zach Harris. His senior project was to raise enough money to purchase a giant inflatable Panther tunnel that the team could run through at home games as they took the field.

At $8,000, this was a big accomplishment to shoot for, but that’s just the kind of guy Zach is, always setting big goals for himself.

While Zach, who has cerebral palsy, could not play football, his senior project was a success and he was able to take the field through the tunnel with his team.

This video, never before published, is from that night as the team took the field after running through the giant Panther for the first time.

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