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About Rudy

rudyskiHello everyone. My name is Daniel Engler, although many know me as Rudy.

I played for Reitz from my freshman through senior years (1992-95), and graduated in 1996.

Later that summer, I had just started using the Internet and was looking for information on Reitz Football. Nothing was out there, so my dad suggested I create a website. I taught myself HTML and launched the Unofficial Reitz High School Football Home Page in August.

I’m excited that this website is now 20 years old! It’s the oldest Indiana high school football website on the Internet!

Name: Dan “Rudy” Engler
Birthday: Nov. 20
Graduated from: Reitz, Class of 1996
Occupation: Reitz Football guru / WWE referee
Family: my wife Melissa and I have two boys, Logan & Micah
Residence: I’ve lived in Tennessee and Florida, but am very happy to now be back in Evansville!
Favorite drink: Ski

Have a question for me or want more information about Reitz Football? Contact me!

About the website

Just as the Reitz Football team prides itself in excellence on the field, prides itself in online excellence.

Our goals:

  • Provide the most accurate and in-depth coverage of F. J. Reitz High School Football and its rich history as possible
  • Help Reitz Football fans stay connected
  • Help the players of today and tomorrow learn more about the Reitz Football Tradition

While is not affiliated with F. J. Reitz High School or the EVSC, Reitz Football has given much to me, and I am honored to give a small portion back through this site, to both the school, program, coaches, fans and players.

Milestones of The Unofficial Reitz High School Football Home Page

  • Aug. 9, 1996 – after finally getting the Internet, I began working on a website that would cover Reitz Football
  • August, 1996 – the site was published onto the Internet for the first time
  • October, 1996 – “The Unofficial Reitz High School Football Home Page” officially opened on Evansville Online
  • October, 1998 – Location of site moved from Evansville Online to
  • January, 1999 – began working on ReitzFootball v4.0; this was to be a redesign of the site, but was never implemented
  • March, 2001 – began working on yet another redesign, starting totally from scratch
  • April, 2001 – along with the announcement of a new coach, a newly redesigned site was also released; it included a message board and newsletter
  • February, 2002 – added passwords to the message board
  • April, 2004 – implemented the brand new design for
  • January, 2008 – another long-awaited redesign of went live
  • Fall, 2009 – Facebook & Twitter accounts opened website
  • August, 2011 – website celebrates its 15th anniversary of covering Reitz Football!
  • August, 2012 – moved site to blog software for easier updates, giving it a redesign, as well
  • March, 2015 – Instagram account opened
  • January, 2016 – changed host to HostGator, which will allow even more customization through the WordPress platform
  • May, 2016 – the PantherPlus membership area goes live
  • August, 2016 – we celebrate the site’s 20th anniversary!
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