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Legendary Game Series

Be sure to read Coach Mike Whicker’s stories covering some of the great moments of Reitz High School Football history by clicking on the links below.

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A Ghostly Victory

Legendary Game Series Oct. 30, 1993: Reitz at Jeffersonville, Class 5A Sectional Semifinal by Mike Whicker (and a thanks to Steve Ford) It was only fitting, in what the next day’s newspapers would call “one of the most thrilling finishes in Reitz football history:, that the mantra of legendary coach Herman Byers, and a player whose grandfather had …

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A Gift for the Heart

Legendary Game Series Reitz vs. Memorial: October 7, 1933 by Mike Whicker Let us return a little back. In the fall of 1933, people were looking for changes. The world was in the throes of the Great Depression. These were the darkest of days. New leaders promised new eras. The newly elected Chancellor of Germany, …

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A Year of Tragedy & Triumph Under the Stars

Legendary Game Series Reitz vs. Memorial: November 30, 1940 by Mike Whicker Tragedy was no stranger to the world in 1940. The planet was busy engulfing itself in global conflict. This country would soon join the war, and take with it many of the young men who were engaging in much more pristine combat on …

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From Goat to Glory

Legendary Game Series Sep. 14, 1951: Reitz vs. Louisville Flaget by Mike Whicker The Evansville Press, in its preseason football prognostications in 1951, would declare: “REITZ TO FIELD ITS GREENEST FOOTBALL SQUAD SINCE 1944.” “The Evansville and Southern Indiana football teams that have been hankering for so many years to beat Reitz had better do …

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The Birth of a Juggernaut

Legendary Game Series Reitz vs. East Chicago Roosevelt: October 1, 1948 by Mike Whicker East Chicago Roosevelt High.  The Goliath of Indiana high school football in the 40s.  They owned the gridiron.  The colossus no one could beat–don’t even try, just take your lumps and be thankful if you walked away. The Roughriders had not …

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The Game

Legendary Game Series Oct. 27, 1960: Reitz vs. North by Mike Whicker Like the rest of the nation in the waning days of October 1960, there was much talk in Evansville of the hotly contended presidential election, only a week away, between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. Everyone had an opinion. However, for the …

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The Good Fight

Legendary Game Series Nov. 4, 1977: Reitz vs. Martinsville, Class 3A Sectional Championship by Mike Whicker Highlighted with a border, and displayed prominently in the sports pages of the Saturday, Nov. 5, 1977 Evansville Courier, was a clue to the type of game witnessed the previous night in Reitz Bowl by an overflow crowd: O’Neal …

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The Night They Moved The Bowl

Legendary Game Series Nov. 2, 2001: Reitz at Castle, Class 5A Sectional 8 Championship by Mike Whicker The Panthers will finish the season .500; perhaps a game over .500 if they can avoid injuries and the breaks fall their way. That’s what the experts said. Don’t feel sorry for the Panthers, they won eight games …

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